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Alaska Violet

The Alaska Violet (Viola langsdorffii) is not actually restricted to Alaska as it's name may suggest. This flower is native to land throughout western North America, stretching from Alaska to Oregon, and East Asia as well.

The Alaska Violet is a perennial flower that does not normally grow above 10 cm in height. The plant flowers in April and May. The Alaska Violet has both female and male reproductive organs, making this flower a hermaphrodite species. The Alaska Violet likes to grow in damp or wet areas, like marshes, bogs and swamps. The soil needs to be well-drained, and be either dense clay, light sand or a loamy soil to grow well.

Edible uses of the Alaska Violet

Both the flowers and the leaves of the Alaska Violet are edible. When the flower is young, the leaves and the flower buds can eaten raw, and are often included in soups. The leaves of the older plants are often included in tea mixtures.

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