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Didier's Tulip

The origins of the Didier's Tulip (Tulipa gesneriana) is basically unknown, but is now commonly found throughout Asia and south-west Europe. As far as private gardens are concerned, the majority of cultivars of tulip are from Didier's Tulip.

The flowers of the Didier's Tulip are bi-sexual and have a very sweet scent. The bulbs of the Dider's Tulip are extremely hardy and resistent to frost, allowing them to withstand below freezing temperatures. Below freezing temperatures are actally required to start the growing process.

The bulbs of the Didier's Tulip are edible, and can be dried, powdered, and added to flour or cereal products. Interesting to note, even though they can be consumed with no side effects, the flower and bulb itself can actually cause dermatitis when exposed to the skin.

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