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Growing Goldband Lilies

Planting bulbs will result in faster growing plants, but they can be cultivated from seeds. The Goldband Lily has a life span of about 3 to 4 years, so it is recommended to help this plant reproduce by itself.

Soil and Planting

When you are planting the Goldband Lily in your garden or in a pot, make sure you are using acidic or plain soil. This flower will not grow as well in any other type of soil, and fertilized soil will kill the Goldband Lily.

Plant the bulbs of the Goldband Lily in a hole three times the size of the bulb itself. When you fill in the soil around the bulb, make sure it is loose.


The Goldband Lily will need partial sunlight to grow properly. It is best to plant this flower where the bottom will be covered in shades and the tops, including the flowers, will be in the sunlight.

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