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Great Mullein

Native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, the Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) has been introduced to Australia and North America as well. This flowering plant is also known as the Common Mullein.

The Great Mullein is a biennial flowering plant that can reach heights of just over 2 metres. This plant sports a large rosette of leaves from which a large straight stem protrudes. The top of this stem holds the Great Mullein's flowers, which are small, yellow, and tightly grouped together.

The Great Mullein grows best in and prefers sunny and disturbed soils, but is hardy and can grow in a variety of environments. It is considered a common weed, and can spread quickly as it produces seeds at a quick rate. However, Great Mullein does need open soil to germinate properly. This and the fact that it does not like shade has kept the plant from being too invasive.

Common uses of Great Mullein are mainly herbal remedies for coughs and topical skin issues, but it also has astringent characteristics. The Great Mullein was also used to make torches due to it's long, stiff stem.

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