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Growing Gardenias

Successfully growing Gardenias can be tough as they need very specific care. Take your time and do things right and you will have large and beautiful Gardenia shrubs.

Where do Gardenias like to be planted?

Gardenias will grow the best in full sunlight while being shaded on the hotter days during the summer months. Make sure the soil you plant your Gardenias in is very well conditioned. Mix peat moss and compost material into the soil to hold moisture. The soil needs to be moist at all times, but be careful not to drown the roots. You should also cover the soil with a material like wood chips, to make sure the soil maintains its moisture throughout the day. Maintain the pH of the soil around 5 or 6.

What growing conditions do Gardenias like?

High temperatures will stop your Gardenia flowers from blooming. The ideal temperatures for Gardenias are 65 to 70 degrees F during the daytime and at night, around 61 degrees F. Anything higher or lower than these ranges will stop the buds from forming. Gardenias also like light humidity. If the area where you live is not humid naturally, mist the shrub daily to reproduce this effect.

When to Fertilize Gardenias

Your Gardenias will need to be given fertilizer to reach their potential. You can fertilize them in the spring and summer, but not during the remainder of the year. Regular monthly fertilizing starting in April and running to October should be done to ensure proper growth. But can you fertilize Gardenias in the fall? Fertilizing them any later than mid October can spur on some new growth that will not full develop before the cold hits.

What Fertilizer do Gardenias need?

Gardenias require a fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants, so make sure the use the right kind. Mix the fertilizer into the water (or mix into the top layer of soil prior to watering) and water the plant, being careful not to over fertilize any one plant. It's always better to under fertilize than over fertilize. Salt can build up much easier with high fertilizer levels, which will damage your Gardenia plants.

Gardenia Pruning

You can prune a Gardenia shrub fairly deep. You must however keep some leaves on the plant in order to produce food and energy for the plant and roots to survive. You should also only prune the shrub when the Gardenia is dormant.


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