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Growing Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon Zone

The Rose of Sharon is capable of growing in Zone 5 areas, making this plant able to survive in temperatures reaching no less than -29 degrees celsius.

Growing Rose of Sharon from Seed

It is recommended that Rose of Sharon seeds are sown in a greenhouse in the early spring months. They should also be kept growing in the greenhouse for about 1 year. The seeds should germinate fairly quickly, and when they are large enough, transplant them into individual pots. Plant them into their permanent ground positions in the following spring. You can buy Rose of Sharon seeds from websites like Amazon or at local stores.

Soil and Sunlight

The Rose of Sharon requires cool, moist and moderate quality soil. For best growing conditions, make sure the soil is rich in humus and is well drained. Make sure the plants are in full sunlight, as they will not grow properly in shaded areas. It is best to make sure the tops of the Rose of Sharon are in a hot and very sunny spot.


Warmer temperatures are obviously better for the Rose of Sharon, but this shrub is quite hardy. The Rose of Sharon will be fine in temperatures down to about -20 degrees celsius.

Pruning the Rose of Sharon

This shrub responds extremely well to pruning, especially if done directly after flowering. The Rose of Sharon does not really require pruning though.


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